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Welcome to Joinas Sacco Society Limited

Joinas Sacco society is a deposit taking Sacco licensed and regulated by Sacco Regulatory Authority (SASRA).

It was established by Kiambaa dairy farmers from Karuri and its environs in the year 1998.

The main Objective was to transform the living standards of the members through education, mobilization of savings and lending at affordable rates.

The Sacco was established with a Vision of being the leading financial services provider in the region and beyond.

From a humble background of 20 members, the Sacco has now expanded its membership to more than 7000 members by opening the bonds and allowing all investors to join the society



Our Aim
Our Vision


To empower people to the next economic level.


To transform the living standards of the members through education, mobilization of savings and lending at affordable rates, offering higher returns to members by efficient management.

Our History

Joinas Sacco Society Limited formerly known as Kiambaa Dairy Rural Sacco Limited was registered in November 1999 with the aim of mobilization of savings for the purpose of lending to its members.

In January 2009, the Sacco established FOSA which provides basic financial services including monthly milk payments from Kiambaa Dairy farmers.

The Sacco currently is duly licensed as deposit taking institution by the Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA).

Why Joinas Sacco?


We are fully commited to Customers Satisfaction, through Team Work, that creates a Professional team that carries out duties with the highest level of Integrity and Accountability.


Customer Satisfaction

At Joinas Sacco, we focus our resources to meeting the financial service needs and expectations of our members in our service delivery.



We seek to be transparent and answerable to the membership and to the team in respect to our operations/ activities.



At Joinas Sacco, we endeavor to conduct the society in the highest service standard while serving our customers and other shareholders.



The Sacco and its staff conducts themselves in the highest moral standards in delivery of services to the members.

Team work

Joinas Sacco fosters a team spirit within the organisation to facilitate efficient and effective delivery of our products and services to the members.

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Address: Kanja House, Banana Hill. Banana-Raini road, Kiambu, Kenya.

Phone: 020 2071289


Postal: P. O. Box 669-00219, Karuri, Kenya.



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